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Exchange / Renewal of Vows in Goa:

If you have said " I do " sometime ago and want to simply celebrate your life together, yet another time, then why not let us arrange a Renewal of Vows ceremony for you in Goa. A theme ceremony on a Goan Beach or Variety of other venues with ambience of your choice. All you do is choose the package, and our Wedding Coordinator will do the rest. We will make your Special Day, a day to remember always.

Our Specialized Packages:

Renewal of Vows:
For those who are already enjoying the bonds of marriage spice it up further by renewing your vows and let us arrange it for you. Choose between Traditional Indian Wedding, Theme based Weddings and Christian Wedding.

Wedding Ceremony:
You can get married in Goa either with just a Wedding Ceremony, where you do your legal paper work in your country or after your Wedding Ceremony in Goa.

Registered Marriage/ Wedding Ceremony:
If you are keen on Goa, Marriage Registration (the legal part) along with the Wedding Ceremony, we can arrange that too. Certain legal formalities need to be followed for this kind of an arrangement.

Types of Weddings:

Get married on the beach:
A beach wedding is the ultimate gesture of romance and true love. Saying your vows with the scent of the ocean breeze caressing through your hair, in the backdrop of the tropical sunrise or sunset blazing with intense beauty across the sky is a great way to remember one of the most important days in your life.
Goan beach weddings can be as sweet as the palm trees will sway in the rhythm of the ocean and the soft music of the wedding ceremony. Romance will whisper in the air as you will exchange your sacred marriage vows. Choose between Christian Marriage Or Traditional Indian Marriage.

Wedding at a Holy Temple:
Goa is a land of magnificent monuments and beautiful temples. From the ancient era when religious practices flourished and most temples became the world's storehouse of knowledge and culture, these ancient temples have been more than mere places of worship. These are sacred buildings of ultimate grace and eternal happiness. And what better way to solemnize your marriage than in a God's temple? The beautifully carved temples form a perfect backdrop for marriage ceremonies. Moreover, the temple priests are more than willing to perform such a sacred ritual. For all those who want traditional weddings, the temples of Goa form befitting venues.

Church Wedding:
Wedding celebration is remembered for a lifetime. A distinctive, charming nuptial event is an expression of the bride and groom - a joyous time shared with family and friends in a warm and welcoming place. Come make it memorable by opting for Weddings in Goa. Surround yourself with the timeless beauty and romance of the Goan Churches. If you have chosen church weddings, we would love to help you create a service which is meaningful and personal to you.

Wedding Cruise:
Embark on your life's voyage exchanging wedding vows at sunset on a wedding cruise! Everything is provided to make your wedding as stress-free as possible. You and your guests will "sail" through your special day without a care in the world.

Get Married on a Fort / Fortress:
When most people think of having their wedding out of the area they live in they picture a beach or tropical island setting. Today, more and more couples are choosing Fort Weddings. Fort weddings offer a change of pace, stunning settings, fresh air and the opportunities for gorgeous photographs. A beautiful mountain setting makes for a spectacular outdoor wedding. Experience the most important moment in your lifetime, with your family and friends right by your side.Couple the beautiful natural chapel of the fort with the relatively minor requirements for being bonded in holy matrimony.

Full Moon Night Wedding:
How about an intimate wedding by Moonlight? A star falls from the sky taking its plunge of glory just to make somebody’s wish come true. A night under the very sky that has witnessed a billion dreams come true. Fireworks blaze upwards to greet the stars with flashes of brilliance. Moreover, if that was not enough you can wish upon a star as you stand beside your beloved . All this to make your wedding a special starry night or should we say starry starry night.

One Stop Shop services:

Hotel bookings & transport
Air ticketing
Arrival - departures assistance
Itinerary brief
Wedding Invitations
Mandap and Stage
Photography and Videography
Beauticians, Mehendi & Heena experts
Ceremony Co-ordination
Live Music, Artists & DJs
Cultural performers & Folk Dancers
Fireworks, Fireeaters, Puppet show, etc
Special Events
Theme Arrangement
Decoration of the Venue
Gifts & Souvenirs

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